Senior Parents of Adult Children

Many families today are having difficulty transitioning their young adult children into independent living. When your child is middle-aged and still struggling, this prolonged dependence can be problematic. Conversely, you may hope to depend on your children for some assistance in your elder years.

family reunion

The Family Reunion – Fredric Bazille, 1867

Senior Parents of Adult Children is a counseling group that consider all of the ways in which parent/child relationships can be challenging for older adults. Topics include:

  • Living with adult children
  • Adult sibling conflicts
  • Distant or disengaged relationships
  • Overly dependent adult children
  • Undependable adult children

This group is for adults, aged 60 years and older and is formed periodically throughout the Tri-Valley.

More Information

Gregory Burns, MA,, 925-223-7228